hybud red banner header text graphic that reads "All-in-one - Ready to use devices." hybud red banner header text graphic that reads "All-in-one - Ready to use devices."
Mango Melons

Originally derived from breeding strains like Mango Trees, Honeydew Melon and Mango Sherbert, this sativa dominant strain is a winner for any cannabis lover. With a well-balanced high that is great for hitting some trails outdoors, or even a lazy afternoon. The melon aromas and gassy notes make this live resin a top choice for anyone.


Widely known as The Bling, this indica dominant strain is a cross from the OG, Frost and Gelato family and named after it’s sparkling array of trichomes, and million dollar high. This strain’s taste is full of gassy, sweet, floral, pine, citrus and earthy terpenes. The live resin reflects these same aromas and notes combined with an ethereal effect, makes you feel good while elevating your mood so you just float on through.

Vanilla Frosting

Vanilla Frosting, an indica dominant hybrid created from crossing the infamous Humboldt Frost OG and Humboldt Gelato BX3 strains- the name says it all in the flavor. Creamy, sweet and accented by light rich florals. The high will leave you feeling happy and relaxed, while activating your mind for a boost of creativity and focus.

Strawberry Banana

Strawnana for short, this indica dominant hybrid has been developed over the years. Originating with DNA and Serious, this genetic cross of Banana kush and Strawberry, sharing much of its traits with Bubble Gum, this strain offers sweet fruity flavor. The effects leave you feeling happy and peaceful allowing for sharpened creativity and sensory awareness.

Hibiscus Sunrise

Hibiscus Sunrise, also known as “Beach Chair Weed,” this indica dominant hybrid was created from crossing the Hawaiian Sunrise & Gupta Kush strain family. Hibiscus Sunrise has a sweet tropical fruit, and rich citrus flavor with a touch of pine in the aroma. The high enhances your physical activity, leaving you feeling energized- yet relaxing your mind and body with a clear-headed focus.

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