ready to use
Ready to enjoy.

No set-up, no charging. Here is how it works.

1. Purchase a hyten ready-to-use device.

2. Remove from child-resistant packaging.

3. Remove protective mouthpiece cover.

4. Pre-heat by blowing in bottom.

5. Draw for 2 to 3 seconds & enjoy!

all in one rechargeable cannabis vape device with flashing indicator light while in use for consuming legal recreational cannabis in live resin cannabis concentrate. For sale in cannabis dispensaries in California and are low priced cannabis product
Microceramic Technology
A better quality ceramic means a cleaner experience.

Ceramic bonding agents breakdown at high temperatures. Particles from the bonding agents break loose and can be inhaled. Our MicroCeramic Technology heats cleaner and lasts longer.


Quality construction.

Durable Construction
Compact, lightweight, durable.

All materials used in the construction of this device are free of any contaminants or impurities that would otherwise affect your experience negatively.

Lightweight, compact, durable construction means you can discreetly, and confidently, take it with you anywhere. Grab it and go!

Contactless Integration
Instantly connect with Hyten.

Use your mobile device as a contactless gateway to access test analysis information, register your product, contact support, browse merch, get VIP access to special events, instant access to everything Hyten, and much more!